Suffolk Coastal Freight Driver Training is based in Ipswich and specialises in high quality ONE to ONE HGV / LGV driver training to provide an excellent chance to PASS first time. We are a local independant friendly company providing a ‘bespoke’ training service which can be tailored to your requirements whether you are wishing to drive a horsebox, ambulance or the company vehicle. The instructor is an HGV DSA Approved Driving Instructor, with an exceptionally high pass rate.

Instruction is in a comfortable Volvo truck which is perfect to learn in, controls are light and easy to manage including the almost car type volvo gearbox. Once you have passed the Cat C test, the same vehicle is used for CAT C+E (artic) so you are already used to the controls.

SCF Driver Training specialises in HGV training with no expensive office overheads and can therefore ‘be the best at best prices’, from £60 per hour. Why go to a large company with a plush office or to an intermediate online broker? We can provide special rates for those who wish to book for CAT C and CAT C+E (artic) together. Call for details