We only do ONE to ONE training as it’s always better to focus on one pupil at a time. Usually a session lasts about 5 hours with a break or two. This means you are driving for about 4 hours and paying for 4 hours.

Currently the ‘behind the wheel’ time is £60 per hour for CAT C (class 2) and £65 per hour for CAT C+E (class 1). Following prices are worked out assuming 20 hours training. At SCF we do a free assessment and can then give a quote based on how many hours you need to have a very good chance of a first time pass. There is no VAT to add on these prices or hidden charges.

20 hours Cat C £1200 plus test £115

20 hours Cat CE £1300 plus test £115

Driver CPC £200 including test.

Customers who have recently passed CAT C with SCF and go on to do their CAT C+E will need less time and therefore reduced costs.

Coming directly to a training provider is always better than going via a internet broker. Please call Charlie and discuss.